David Transue, Mobile Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner
 David Transue LMT
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David Transue Mobile
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner and CuppingTherapist
  1. Ed "was in fairly bad shape to the point of beginning to use a cane. Dave started working on me once a week and within four weeks I was up and about almost like I was five years before. Since then, I have had several more treatments and most of my pain has disappeared. Considering my age, I have weekly pains that he takes care of during a session, and it takes a week for me to notice them returning, the cause of which is Post Polio Syndrome, for which there is no cure. At the time of this letter, I am feeling 10 years younger than I am. I would highly recommend David Transue for a massage to anyone who could use one."
  2. "Wow didn't realize how out of wack I was... deep tissue work helped me walk more freely. Thanks"
  3. "Thank you for helping me with my fibromyalgia pain. I feel so much better."
  4. "I got a great massage from David. He came to my home, was very professional and relieved my pained back. I have had many people work on me and David is among the best. The convenience was a big plus for me."
  5. "David listened to my needs and helped reduce tension in my muscles where I was hurting. Felt great for over a week rather than the typical 2-3 days. I've gotten many massages before, but David really focused on what i really needed and managed to shift my posture and correct my imbalances. He is very knowledgeable about the body and just knows exactly where to go and what to do to relieve pain."
  6. "I would highly recommend David to anyone. He is professional and caring and will work with you to make sure that you are completely comfortable and to try and resolve any problem muscle areas you may have. He truly cares about his clients and will leave you feeling very relaxed!"
  7. "I hired David for an in home visit for my dad's wife. David was extremely professional and very understanding of the stresses she is under. He took wonderful care of her and she finally got a chance to relax for at least an hour. He was so good that I purchased a gift certificate so hat she can have him come to again. I highly recommend David and when I am back in the area, I will be sure to book an appointment not only for her but for me as well!
    Diana C
  8. David arrived on time and performed an 80 minute massage.
    Mary A.
  9. Three massages at our house were great! Dave was on time, respectful, had excellent sanitary protocol and adjusted his massaging to meet each of our needs.
    Pia B.
  10. Great massage and a personable guy. Very flexible with scheduling and, he brings the most comfortable massage table I've ever been on.
    Clay V.
  11. David is a compassionate and gifted LMT. He knows where it hurts before you do and then he fixes it.
    Jan K.
  12. David was on time, prepared, professional and gives a GREAT massage!
    Charles K.
  13. I would definitely use David's services again. He arrived on time and was very welcoming. His massage was perfect adjusting the strength to my needs.
    Michael H.
  14. David was so professional and able to comelate in the evening to accommodate my work schedule. It was so convenient to have a massage in home after work and not have to travel. It was just like any experience I've had at professional massage institutes, only more convenient for me to be cozy at home. His prices are super affordable, he accepts visa debit on site, and has the most comfortable table! Thank you so much for responding immediately and driving to my home late in the evening to accommodate my schedule.
    Amy M.
  15. David is a professional and competent masseuse. He listened as I shared my physical issue and concerns. I would highly recommend David for anyone that is looking for a deep tissue massage!
    Linda M.
  16. Dave has awesome pressure! Very refreshing massage.
    Cortney G.
  17. One of the best deep tissue massages I have had! Another bonus is Dave comes to your house so when you are done with the massage you don't need to drive home. I highly recommend Dave as a deep tissue therapist.
    John B.
  18. This was my first meeting with David. I have used the services of many massage therapists over the years. He was, by far, the best. After a thorough pre-interview and assessment, he was very competent and professional. I was so impressed we arranged bi-weekly sessions in my home.
  19. Simply Awesome. He put me to sleep in minutes.
  20. I contacted David to accommodate 6 massages for my family while we were on vacation. He was fabulous! He tailored each massage directly to the individual. My entire family was very happy with the experience. We will be calling him next year during our vacation!
  21. Lymphatic massage has been practiced most often in Europe, and it is now moving forward in the United States with acceptance for its holistic benefits. Lymphatic Drainage Massage is designed to stimulate the lymphatic vessels, increasing the flow of metabolic waste as well as excess fluid and bacteria. I wanted to find out what all the rave/hype was about for this type of massage. So, I researched certified Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner and found David Transue, a Mobile Masseur! The first perk is David comes to you with all his equipment and sets up relatively quickly. He is very professional and makes you feel as ease upon entering your home. I have had may types of massages preformed on me over the years, being a running, it's my saving grace to my body. The massage by far was the most unusual massage I've ever received. I was skeptical at first because it is so gentle, slow and rhythmic, I thought this can't possibly be doing anything to help me. However, I was utterly wrong! Within the first few minutes my sinuses were draining, even before my face was touched. During the massage, David communicated well, was attentive and focused on my specific areas of need. I felt amazing after my massage! If you are looking for a detoxifying treatment, I highly recommend trying this massage with David.
  22. My wife's cancer surgery resulted in the removal of 74 Lymph Nodes from her abdominal area, after which she contracted Lymphedema. Fortunately she met Mr. David Transue. He is extremely knowledgeable of anatomy for the Lymph vessel system and the principals of manual Lymph drainage. He is an excellent Lymphedema therapist. Her condition is currently stable, she is pleased with Mr.Transue's treatment plan for her. She highly recommend's Mr. Transue to people suffering with Lymphedema.
    Brigitte & Paul Z.
  23. I am extremely pleased with David's services! He was friendly, professional and accommodating. I scheduled David to give my 90yo father his first massage ever. David went to the Rehab hospital where my father is currently recuperating at after having fallen. He was very accommodating and took time to get to know my Dad and his medical history before starting the one hour massage. The fact that David is also a Reiki Master and incorporated that into his massage was so beneficial! After the massage, when my father stood up... he did so WITHOUT pain! I never realized how tall he was either since my Dad had previously been stooped over and tense for several years. He was no longer stooping over! I personally have had many massages over time, and I can't wait to schedule with him myself and entire family! Thank you David Transue! We feel blessed to have your expertise available to us now and going forward!
    Kathleen G.
    Kathleen G